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It’s Final Countdown – How to Manage Stress During Finals

If I had a “dollar” for the times I’ve heard, “Procrastination in the last 2 weeks of school is more than the entire rest of the term combined:” I would be a rich person. Over the course of finals week students usually have two goals; to do well on exams and keep stress to a …Read More

A Passion for Photography

A Passion for Photography… I see beauty in everything, everywhere I look!  Saskatoon is full of beautiful scenery, interesting people and endless possibilities.  I have always wanted a career where I could allow people to see the world through my eyes.  I wanted to share the beauty of a Saskatchewan field at sunset, or to …Read More

What would you like for Christmas this year…How about a career?

Merry Christmas! Everywhere that I look I see Santa and Christmas Trees, and Christmas lights.  They are a beautiful sight!  But for many people the Christmas season doesn’t feel warm and comfortable.  They don’t see the season as a way to spend time with friends and family, with brightly coloured packages waiting under the tree.  …Read More

Why Should You Choose a Private School?

Why Should You Choose A Private School? You are ready to go back to school, you are ready for a career, but then the big questions start to present themselves.  What should I do? Where should I go to school?  If you are reading this you probably are here because you are interested in the …Read More

Welcome to the new McKay Career Training website!

We hope you like our new design and user-friendly site. With the addition of Social Media you can now follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog.  Keep an eye on these sites for news, events and promotions happening at the College.  Find the quick links on our website. Our next step for the website …Read More